Wholly owned by the Public Property Agency, Loteria Nationala A Moldovei (LNM) is the official state monopoly duly authorized to carry out activities the field of lottery and gambling.

LNM was created with a view to ensure a high level of consumer protection against game manipulation, fraud, money laundering or other financial crimes, and dependency. LNM is tasked with securing control of all gaming aspects within its sovereign territory, with the objective to stop unlawful gaming activities..

The government of Moldova equally supports that the regulation and commercialization of gambling activities would confer substantial financial benefits to the state’s budgets, which can in turn be directed to fields such as education, health, sports, culture and infrastructure.


To responsibly manage games of chance and gambling in a controlled and measured environment in the interest of all Moldovans.


To become a market leader and point of reference in the responsible commercialization of games of chance and gambling related activities.


In carrying out its activities, LNM adheres to a number of fundamental values that are shared throughout the organization:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality customer care
  • Respect for employees
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